My experience:  I saw a business card for Muddy Paws Grooming in a local
store and, as we moved here recently and had a Persian cat in dire need of a
"hair-do" I called.  Fred answered and was very gregarious, helpful, and such a
delight to chat with.  I told him about my 11 year old Persian and why I wanted
the Lion Cut done, that my cat is up to date on shots and so forth.

Fred gave me some days and times that I could schedule and we were set.  We
also discussed price so I had an idea what the price would be.  I recommend
doing this in case you need to bring cash - as it is only a cash or check

Appointment: I drove over to Muddy Paws, parked in the driveway as the
business is in the back of their private home, walked to the first door on the left
and knocked and Fred warmly opened the door and welcomed us in.  We
chatted for a while as he took down the required contact information and so on.
 Fred also told me that I was the only appointment that day at Muddy Paws so
he let me put my cat down and he wandered all over the place.

The Shop:  traditional grooming equipment is all around, there were a few
crates for animals however I know there is a limit to the amount of animals that
Muddy Paws schedules to overlap for practical reasons.  Fred told me about his
fancy bath and how it has a speed control for the water and shampoo so that it
doesn't startle the cats like some of the other shower head products out there.  
I thought this was very cool.  

Later:  I received a call that afternoon that my guy was ready to be picked up.  
My friend who also recently moved to the area accompanied me as I told her
about Muddy Paws and she is interested for her dog.  We walked in and Fred
was smiling and told us how good my kitty had been, what he did and so on.  I
also introduced my friend letting him know she is interested in his grooming
services as well.  

Complete Opinion:  Due to the fact that we were the only appointment that day
Fred was kind enough to talk with us for at least another 30 minutes about the
area, where we could get certain foods, different restaurants and so on.  He
moved to the area over a decade ago and has loved it and he asked us where
we moved from, etcetera.  It is so refreshing to meet such kind and generous

Not only that - but my cat looks as ridiculous as to be expected and I could not
be more hair balls for a while...

I highly recommend Muddy Paws and hope that if you decide to give them a try
that you are as pleased as I am.

From  Katie L.
Lititz PA